Buy A Personalized Photograph

Each personalized photograph is only $9.99 - Click on the below Paypal link to buy now!

For sale is a beautiful photograph, personalized with your name (or names - or whatever you'd like up to 6 words + a date) written in the sand along the beaches of beautiful Southern California.
Please include a note with your Paypal payment of exactly what you would like written in the sand and if you'd like a date included. I will then send you a JPEG image, crystal clear 300dpi quality, of your photograph via email. Please allow 7 days for your email to arrive and please let me know right away if you need it sooner! You will then have the ability to print the image as you'd like from your home computer or have printed at, Wal-mart, CVS, or wherever you get your photographs printed!

These personalized "names in the sand" are gorgeous and so unique. They make a fabulous {and inexpensive} wedding gift, baby shower gift, Valentine's Day gift, Birthday gift, Anniversary gift... these photographs are truly extraordinary, each a one-of-a-kind! Put it in a beautiful frame and you're set! :) Shipping is free, as your photograph will be sent via email!

How it works:
1. Click on the above link to purchase via PayPal - each personalized photograph is only $9.99. Include a message with your Paypal payment explaining exactly what you would like written in the sand (up to 6 words plus a date).

3. Within 7 days, you will receive your personalized photograph as a JPEG image, crystal clear 300dpi quality via email. You will then be able to print this photograph in any way you like; on your home computer or at a store.


Q: Can I have them printed vs. you sending me a digital file?
A: YES! Please visit my Ebay or Etsy listings for details.

Q: Where should I print my photograph?
A: Walmart (matte or luster finish) and They are high quality at a low price!